Sunday, April 11, 2010

Song Of The Day: "2nd Time Around"

Simply put, Brother Ali absolutely KILLS this track with a single verse of flawless rhymes and raw passion for Hip Hop. Just about every second line that comes out of his mouth is a quotable as he unleashes a lyrical assault for over 2 whole minutes. This is unfortunate for Wale, the other emcee to appear on the track, who spits 2 strong verses of his own, but is completely overshadowed by Brother Ali's powerful rhymes. Not bad for the only white, albino emcee in the game. Enjoy!

Favourite lines:
"You really got the guns you claim in the track? Then my question to you is who you aiming 'em at!?"

"Y'all are all safe n' shit! Y'all are not sayin' shit! You just snap your fingers and dance n' make your label rich!"

"This is your chance to say somethin' and your wasting it! People are starving, you talking 'bout balling."

"80% of kids are listening to your shit. I heard that statistic, I almost cried. Never wanted so bad for 2Pac to be alive!"

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