Friday, April 9, 2010

Song Of The Day: "Hard Knock Life"

Yesterday, I watched the Jay-Z documentary, Fade To Black, which revolved around his "retirement" concert and the making of The Black Album. I really enjoyed the movie, and as a result, I've been listening to Jay-Z tracks all day, so the next few posts may revolve around the Jigga Man.

Therefore, today's Song Of The Day is the title track from Hova's 3rd album, Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life. This track became Jay-Z's most commercially successful single at the time of release, and was nominated for a Grammy in 1999. "Hard Knock Life" shows Jigga rapping about his life in the ghetto, but the greatest element of the song is the brilliant hook, which is actually a sample taken from the Broadway musical, Annie. The sample fits perfectly with Jay's lyrics and the simplistic beat, which is all credit to the producer of the track, The 45 King. This song is just classic HOV, and essential listening for any Hip Hop fan. Enjoy!

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