Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just Blaze Appreciation: Jay Electronica - "Exhibit C"

"Exhibit C" by Jay Electronica was consistently rated the top Hip Hop song to come out of 2009, so it should come as no surprise that Just Blaze was the man behind the beat. It should also come as no surprise that the beat he created is an absolute BANGER, proving once again why Just Blaze is still one of the best Hip Hop producers in the game.

As soon as the song begins to play, we already get a sense that we're listening to something special. But when the beat truly kicks in at the 28 second mark, it becomes quite clear why this track was such a smash hit within the Hip Hop community. Of course, a track doesn't become the song of the year from the beat alone. Jay Electronica brought his "A" game as well, spitting some great rhymes and showing everyone why he's the one to watch in 2010. So now, without further adieu, "I present, Exhibit C"! JUST BLAAAZE!!!

Favourite line: "They call me Jay Electronica. Fuck that! Call me Jay ElecHanukkah, Jay ElecYamaka, Jay ElectRamadan Muhammad Asalamukah Rasoul Allah Supana Wata Allah through your monitor!"

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