Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kanye Appreciation: Kanye West - "The Glory"

For today's entry into Kanye Appreciation, I wanted to post a Kanye West track with a Kanye West beat. I've chosen a song off his 3rd album, Graduation, called "The Glory", which I only heard for the first time last week. I can't believe I slept on this song for so long as it demonstrates everything I love about Kanye West. The beat starts off great, but when the bass kicks in at around the 38 second mark, the song is taken to a whole other level. Kanye also spits a few hot verses that sound right at home on the beat, and I'm left wondering why this track was never released as a single. I could have loved this song YEARS ago! Oh well, at least I'm loving it now. Enjoy!

Favourite line: "I guess after I live I wanna be compared to Big; anyone, Big Pun, Big L or Notorious!"

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